Siddara Betta

Siddara Betta is one of the most visited places near Madhugiri. Surrounded by rocky hills, temples and caves, the tourist place is located at a distance of 100 kms from Bangalore in Tumkur. This place is most visited by trekkers and adventurers as well as pilgrims who come to Siddara Betta for the Shrine of Lord Shiva which is placed inside the caves.

The majority of tourists visiting Siddara Betta are pilgrims who come to see the Shrine of Lord Shiva. The place is also known for the high medicinal value of its herbs. Siddara Betta in Kannada means ‘Hill of Saints’, it is so called because, in older days, many Hindu Saints performed penance and meditation here. Although it is no more in practice, currently there is an Ashram situated at the base of the hill and Saints do visit there.

Things to Do in and around Siddara Betta

Trekking: There are man-made stones which cover the entire way up to the hill, which makes it an easy climb for trekkers. It is surrounded by lush greenery and is extremely picturesque once you reach the top. Siddara Betta is a famous trek location for adventure enthusiasts. The rocky terrain and caves add to the thrilling trek experience. The path of the trek includes caves and many uneven boulders. Although the trek up to the temple is pretty easy.

Cave Exploration: Apart from trekking, cave exploration at Siddara Betta is preferred by many. Inside the cave, there is a complete route that twists through rocks and boulders. This could allow only one person to walk through it at a time. The cave route is difficult as compared to the rest of the trek, hence it consumes energy and time.

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Siddara betta


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