Namada Chilume

Namada Chilume is a place located around 8km from Devarayana Durga. Namada Chilume is a natural spring of Tilaka or Nama. The Tilaka or Pundraka is a mark on the forehead with sandalwood paste or any colored vermilion as a ritual as per the Hindu culture. The spring is located at the base of the hill on the road to Tumkur.

Legends of Namada Chilume

According to legends, Lord Rama, during his exile in the forest or the Vanvasa, halted at this place on his way to Lanka. The story says that Lord Rama wanted to apply Nama on his forehead, but since he didn’t find water anywhere, he shot an arrow into the ground and the spring opened from underground. That is how the name go derived from the place – Namada Chelume (Rama-namada Chilume) which means spring of Tilaka.

The spring is still present and has water all-round the year. The water comes out of a small hole in the ground. Even a foot impression of Lord Rama is also found near the spring.  The spring is currently enclosed by the forest department to preserve it.

Deer Protection in Namada Chilume

The forest department is preserving the spring as well as fenced the area to protect deer in and around the area.  One can spot many deer grazing around the corner. Forest department assures to protect them the climate is pleasant and one can spot the calm environment of Namada Chilume is the perfect retreat for the soul.  An ideal getaway for one day picnic. The place houses restaurants and food outlets, so one can enjoy a day’s break

The deer park charges a nominal fee for entrance, yet it’s worth visiting. The natural habitat of the deer is an ideal place to take a break and enjoy a picnic with the family.

Medicinal Plants Nursery in Namada Chilume

Apart from deer protection, the forest department in Namada Chilume also holds a nursery to nurture and facilitate the growth of some major medicinal plants. The nursery takes care of around 300 varieties of medicinal plants cultivated separately for easy identification. The medicinal garden has a fresh aroma of the pure Ayurveda medicines.


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