5 Best Small business ideas with Low Investment

1. Meal service (Tiffin)

One of the best small business idea for men or women. Nowadays, the demand for home and workplace delivery of meals has increased vastly.

You can launch your small business with low investment right from your kitchen by preparing fresh, wholesome meals and supplying them to offices and homes.

2. Babysitting/ Childcare

This is a small business for women that can launch from home or small premises. Investment required for opening a babysitting and childcare service is very minimal.

All you need to invest in are a few toys, cribs and mattresses.

Add a few packets of disposable diapers, antiseptic lotions and a first aid box as well. Nowadays, babysitting and childcare facilities are in very high demand due to the rise in number of working couples.

3. Nursery & garden requirements

Once again, this is a great small business idea with low investment. Due to increased awareness about environment, many people now maintain small plants and shrubs at their apartments and offices.

You can open this business from your home. Additionally, you can sell packets of fertilizers, seeds and other garden requirements.

4. CCTV & surveillance

Increasingly, people are becoming security conscious. They want to protect their families and themselves against theft, rape and other crime.

Consequently, more and more people are installing CCTV and surveillance cameras at their homes and offices. This is a low investment and high returns small business idea.

5. Used laptops

Considered a luxury some years ago, laptops are ubiquitous now. Shopping trends indicate, people sell their used laptops and buy those with the latest features and higher configuration.

Despite, there exists a huge market for used laptops. Buying, refurbishing and selling such used laptop is a low investment, high returns business you can consider.

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